How can I create an SMS template?

In order to write an SMS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Inbox->Templates.

Step 2: Click on Create Template.

Step 3: Choose the Template name.

Step 4: Choose the type as Plain Text.

Step 5: In the drop-down of the Entity, choose Booking. This way you can choose the variables related to the booking.

Step 6: Choose the Subject of the SMS. For example, Check-in Instructions.

Step 7: You can use only 160 characters in the Content section.

NOTE: ِYou can use variables in both the Subject and the Content. You can find the variables from the list of Entity Variables on the right. If you click on a variable, it will be included in the text. For example, instead of the name of the property, you can use {{ entity.property }} so that the name of the property can change based on the booking.

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