How to cancel a booking, refund the guest and cancel the security deposit?

For Direct Bookings:
To refund the full amount or part of it, in the booking page, click on Finance button.
In the opened pop up, click on Refund .

Then You can :

1- click on Process Refund option and enter the amount you want to refund.
2- click on Log Refund option, if you have already refunded the guest directly through the payment gateway and you only want to log the refund. Then enter the amount.

To release the pre-authourised security deposit sooner, you can click on the security deposit tab in the booking and click in the cross next to the deposit.
Also, you can click on Finance button and choose Cancel Security Deposit option.
How to cancel a booking and refund the guest- Zeevou
Refunding the guest, to cancel the booking, click on the Cancel button in the booking page.

For OTA Bookings:
In order to cancel a booking that has come from a channel, you need to cancel it on that channel. Zeevou will sync with the channel and update the availability.

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