NewBook was founded in 2010 by Brad Illich to provide a cloud-based Property Management Software, especially for RV parks and resorts. NewBook keeps updating and its PMS’s new interface proves its urge to keep up with new trends. Its online booking solutions, 2-Way SMS and email inbox, paperless check-in and mobile apps for guests are amongst its top features. NewBook provides a lot of different reports for checking revenue, bookings and staff performance. NewBook also enables the user to set different kinds of surveys with smart detection of keywords to optimise the VRO’s businesses. Currently, NewBook has employees across Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

New Book

The Problem of Hidden Facts

Comparing PMS solutions, you hardly recognise some aspects which are normally quite impactful to the performance of your vacation rental business. Hidden fees and unresponsive support teams are two of the main ones in that list. Hidden fees might become a considerable portion adding up to your overall expenses. Late or unresponsive support teams will make severe consequences such as loss of bookings and revenue. In this article, we would like to provide you with the facts collected through review sites such as Capterra and Softwareadvice to compare Zeevou vs Newbook to help you make a more informed decision.

Automated Booking Processing

At NewBook, guests select their room from the available options on the website. You can also sell add-ons and activities. Payments can be made in installments. With the help of Stripe which is among its payment gateways, the users are able to adjust the number of days before pre-authorisation expiration.

By pressing the Default Booking Tasks button, the staff in charge will be notified of a set of tasks before the guest’s arrival.

The automatic invoice generation of NewBook helps you manage ongoing and annual fees. Invoices can be sent automatically on the due date and every seven days after that if it remains unpaid.

How does Newbook work? Newbook website

Channel Manager

NewBook’s integrated channel manager allows you to manage your listings on OTAs, pushing rates and avoiding overbookings. The cost of booking through the channels is £1.20 per booking for  0-150 and £0.00 per booking for 151+. If you wish to get direct bookings through the increase in the number of reservations on your website, NewBook captures some money per booking which is £0.00 for 0-30 bookings, and £0.60 for each of 31+ bookings.  

Newbook website integration


NewBook offers a task management feature to trigger and automate tasks. You can set the tasks, and the system notifies you with the help of automatic alerts and reminders.

Self Check-ins


Direct Booking Website

NewBook Creative provides you with a tailored-designed website. It is strengthened by Google Analytics to measure website traffic, social media activity, SEO, and ad revenue.

Newbook's direct booking website

Extended Stays


Guest Experience

NewBook’s Guest Portal allows the guests to make changes and check their booking, order add-ons, sign documents, and make payments.

Newbook's guest assess

Guest CRM

NewBook stores all the entered email addresses as Leads. You can use this data to offer the potential guests special promotions and keep them engaged. 



Mobile App

NewBook has developed mobile apps for guests and staff. 

Multiple Location PMS

NewBook enables you to accept different currencies. By selecting the currency of your preference, you can also get financial reports in the specified currency too.

Operations Management

New Book’s Staff management: By defining a task, a staff member can be assigned and notified via email, SMS or NewBook notification.

Automatic alerts, reminders, and triggers remind your staff to never forget when a task is due.

Staff management

Owner Portal



With NewBook, payments take place through

  • NewBook Payments’ Integrated EFTPOS Terminals
  • Credit and Debit Card Gateway
  • BPAY

NewBook is integrated with multiple payment gateways, including NewBook Payments. NewBook charges you per each booking that happens within NewBook Payment. 

Pre Authorisation is enabled with help of payment gateways NewBook has made. 

Newbook payments

Real-time Reporting

NewBook provides a lot of different reports like the Performance tab, which shows revenue received, cancelled bookings and all the bookings placed. Likewise, the Staff Statistics tab shows who is performing most efficiently among the staff members, and who is bringing the highest revenue. Transaction Flow Report shows a daily summary of all payments and refunds processed.

Newbook vs Zeevou- Real time reporting

Revenue Management

The NewBook PMS system is integrated with IDeaS to make rates adaptable and dynamic. Setting the rates in NewBook also includes different options with different rates which are Daily Rate, Hotel Loyalty Rate, and Corporate-7 Night Rate.

Premium Support

NewBook charges a noticeable amount of money for Setup, training and support. For the operation of one hundred units, NewBook charges £90.00/hour for training and setup. All properties must conduct a minimum of 6 hours of training and 10 hours of setup. Data transfer from the existing reservations to NewBook similarly costs a considerable amount. Travel expenses of the NewBook people coming for your help will be added to your expenses in addition to £25.00/hour.

Data transfer from the existing reservations to NewBook similarly costs a considerable amount. Travel expenses of the NewBook people coming for your help will be added to your expenses in addition to £25.00/hour.

Trust Accounting

At NewBook apart from automated invoices, there is nothing else found.

Unified Inbox


NewBook: A Property Management System to Choose?

NewBook is a cloud-based solution to streamline management processes of hotels, holiday parks/camps, apartments/villas, motels, hostels, student accommodations, permanent residentials, marinas, etc. 

Newbook has a section dedicated to featuring suggestions 

NewBook needs some improvements in features related to maintenance and management of assets which are unique to vacation rentals and are different from typical motels or caravan parks. Newbook has direct connections to mostly Australian-based channels.

According to one of the reviews recorded at Softwareadvice, NewBook lacks some features related to maintenance and management of assets which are unique to vacation rentals and different from typical motels or caravan parks. There was a complaint related to poor support and also one submitted about direct connections to mostly Australian-based channels. The good point is that Newbook has a section dedicated to feature suggestions.

Read more about all the things you need to know for chooing your ideal PMS. 
Do you want to switch to a new PMS? We’ve got you covered. 

We are committed to ensuring that all our analytical articles are factually entirely correct and accurate. If you have spotted anything that you feel is wrong or misleading in this article, we’d appreciate hearing from you.

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