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Your Porter App is a mobile-first app founded in 2016 in the Netherlands to overcome the challenges of managing eleven Airbnb listings of one of its two founders. Your Porter App is now a team of sixteen staff. 

The mission of this company is to make life easier for professional Airbnb hosts with multiple accounts and listings that can be managed easily on the go with Your Porter App’s iOS, Android and web apps. Message automation, Airbnb ranking booster, teammate management, direct booking website, and its user-friendly mobile app are some of the most popular features of Your Porter App. 

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Airbnb hosts can manage everything from their smartphone by using Your Porter App. Your Porter App is among the cheapest solutions for Airbnb hosts.

Can You Operate Your Vacation Rental Business Thoroughly From One System?

Vacation rental management solutions should automate all areas of your short-term rental business, optimise processes, and minimise human error. Any vacation rental manager shares the listings in different booking platforms and OTAs to increase its occupancy by increasing exposure. And if thinking a bit more long term, they invest in a direct booking website. Imagine you cannot operate all this diversity of administrative, operational, team management tasks from one place. You have to use different apps which you should always watch out to be synchronised, pay additional subscription fees, and at the end of the day, you may lose a large amount of your time for switching between them, with a significant risk of human errors.

Automated Booking Processing

Your Porter App can automate the process of collecting security deposits from Booking.com or direct booking reservations. 

  • You can authorise or charge a deposit from your guest X days before the check-in.
  • You can release the deposit amount after the guest’s check-out Y days after check-out.
  • You can also release the deposit manually before the release date and capture and charge a custom amount if necessary. 
  • Auto Deposit (available on Pro-Host plan).

Your Porter App allows you to manually create an invoice and also add extra items such as the cost for maintenance or administration fees.

Automated booking processing- Your Porter App

Channel Manager

Your Porter App provides direct API connections with Airbnb and Booking.com. Booking.com Channel Manager is available only on Pro-Host plans. 

For VRBO, TripAdvisor, Expedia, CanadaStays, and 9flats, it provides calendar/reservations synchronisation. The software will automatically import reservations from these channels and show them on your timeline and calendar.

For other channels, Your Porter App provides Calendar Sync through iCal sync.


Your Porter App provides some task automation rules. 

You can send automated messages to your teammates via email or SMS (SMS is possible on Pro-Host plans).

Suppose you need to share your calendar externally with 3rd parties like cleaning teams, homeowners, or coworkers. In that case, you can create shareable links for your calendar and share the type of information you want to show on your shared calendar.   Once you want to pause the access to the shared calendar, you can delete it.

cleaning Your Porter App

Self Check-ins


Your Porter App does not integrate with any key management companies.

  • The guest app provides them with information about the rental, access, address, Wi-Fi details, and recommendations about what to do in the area. (You can select the sensitive info like access code will only be sent if the payment has been completed). 
  • Once the guests check out, they will be no longer able to access the app.  
  • Automatic and manual SMS reminders can be sent.
  • If you want to link into software for automatic self check-in, you should use Zapier.

Direct Booking Website

Your Porter App website builder feature helps you get direct bookings from your website. This feature is available on Pro-Host pricing plan.  

You can use Porter’s subdomain (staydirectly.com) as a Pro-Host subscriber or use your own domain.

The website receives the base rates from your Airbnb account that you can add a rate markup to.

For payments you have two options to accept online payments, if you have a Stripe account, or receive email enquiries only.  

The website interface is very similar to Airbnb content and interface. 

The direct booking website provided by Your Porter App can take advantage of Google Search Console. It will help to get recognised by Google faster.

Direct booking website Your Porter App

Extended Stays

Your Porter Apps allows you to add a longer reservation, or update your minimum night stay settings for a long date range.

Guest Experience

Your Porter App has a full messaging system, which enables you to set rules to trigger messages. Airbnb messages, emails, and free SMS messages (for Pro-Host plans) are three types of messages the system provides. 

Your Porter App also has Whatsapp integration. You can send messages via WhatsApp, but it is only available on the mobile app.

3.Kigo provides a ready-to-use template for your automated guest messaging system.

Guest experience Your Porter App

Guest CRM



Your Porter App does not have a separate maintenance module. However, it allows: 

  • creating some task automation rules. 
  • sending automated messages to your teammates via email or SMS (SMS only available for Pro-Hosts).
  • sharing your calendar externally with 3rd parties like coworkers, and provide a limited amount of information
  • set your expectations by attaching photos and have a place to receive photos in real time from cleaners
  • automate all communications through the system by email and SMS.

Mobile App

Your Porter App is a mobile-first app and it is praised for the ease of using its functionalities on the go. 

Mobile App Your Porter App

Multiple Location PMS


Operations Management

Your Porter App allows you to share your calendar externally with 3rd parties, specifying the type of information you want to show on your shared calendar. 

The system offers some task automation rules. 

You can send automated messages to your teammates via email or SMS (for Pro-Hosts only).

If you need to share your calendar externally with 3rd parties like cleaning teams, homeowners, or coworkers, you can create shareable links for your calendar and share the type of information you want to show on your shared calendar.  When you want to pause the access to the shared calendar, you can delete it.

Operation Management Your Porter App

Owner Portal

Your Porter App lets you share your calendar externally with 3rd parties like homeowners. 

You can create shareable links for your calendar and share the type of information you want to show on your shared calendar. You can add homeowners to your income reports.   When you want to pause the access to the shared calendar, you can delete it.

You can also send invoices to homeowners, and enable integrated online payment using Stripe.

Owners can: 

  • check property availability calendars.
  • book an owner stay, or guest-of-owner stay
  • download their owner statement
Owner Portal Your Porter App


Your Porter App allows you to have two options to accept online payments.

  1. Stripe 
  2. Email enquiries 

After receiving a new reservation from Booking.com, Your Porter App automatically sends your guests’ credit card details to Stripe, and Stripe checks the credit card details.

If the credit card is valid, it will be stored on your Stripe account. Then you will be able to charge the customer based on your preference and according to your policies. Your Porter App can automate payment processing.

Payment Your Porter App

Real-time Reporting

Your Porter App has an Income Report feature and lets you see your detailed price breakdowns for specific listings or all of your listings. 

You can also calculate the commission if you are co-hosting.

The reports show all your reservations for specific periods in a specific listing, guest’s names, check-in and check-out dates, host payout, occupied nights, occupancy rate, average revenue per night, and distributed revenue.

Real time Reporting Your Porter App

Revenue Management

Your Porter App does not have a smart pricing option on the app, but it is integrated with smart pricing tools. If you are using PriceLabs, Your Porter App automatically receives your pricings on a daily basis. You can push your smart rates from your Airbnb calendar to Booking.com with the markup you specified.

Smart pricing integration or daily updates are available on Pro-Host plans.

Premium Support

Your Porter App offers support through email during working hours.

The software shows the users the account progress and tells you what steps are left to thoroughly set up your system. 

There are articles and instructions both on the website and in the software itself.

Trust Accounting


  • You can generate invoices to employees. 
  • You can keep track of the expenses.
  • The system allows you to create accounting statements. The statements will be updated automatically based on received and sent payments.
  • The amounts on the payments are not automatically updated. 
  • There is no bank account for the owner; the split proportions of income on each booking are for reporting purposes.

Unified Inbox

Your Porter App enables you to manage your guest communications for each channel from a single inbox.

2. You can reply to the guest via email. Each booking has a unique Email String. Only when you respond to this string, the conversation will be saved in the reservation.

Which automated emails are sent to your guest depends on the channel. For example, If the reservation is from Airbnb, “2 days before rental arrival” and “2 days after rental departure,” emails will be sent automatically.

Your Porter App Pricing

Your Porter App has two different pricing plans, Expanding Host and Pro-Host. Expanding Host costs £3.61 per listing per month if paid annually and has limited features. It lacks Booking.com channel manager, smart pricing integration, security deposit automation, and website builder. Pro-Host pricing plan costs £5.06 per listing per month if paid annually which makes you more capable than the other plan and provides you with SMS automation. Apart from these flat rates, there are no commissions, and no setup fees. Your Porter App does not charge you for the listings without any reservations during a billing period. In addition, if you manage more than twenty listings, you can get advantage of Your Porter App’s corporate discounts.

Your Porter App: A Property Management System to Choose?

Your Porter App is highly user-friendly and a good value for money. Your Porter App is the most affordable option if you manage listings only on Airbnb. The guest review automation of Your Porter App relieves you from writing reviews manually on Airbnb. Automatic reviews for guests on Airbnb encourage guests to leave a review for you in return. It is developed to help you succeed in being a host on Airbnb. Every feature of Your Porter App concentrates on how to manage your Airbnb listing like a professional. The consequence is being dependent on Airbnb in many aspects. For example, even for defining a listing in Your Porter App, you should insert your Airbnb calendar link (iCal). It has a native connection with Airbnb and Booking.com, but the rest of integrations are through iCal. Because of being too Airbnb-centric, some users have to use other apps or PMSes simultaneously to handle different kinds of operations for managing listings on different channels.

Read more about all the things you need to know for chooing your ideal PMS. 
Do you want to switch to a new PMS? We’ve got you covered. 

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