Here to Help Launched by Zeevou to Connect Hearts

Here to Help Launched by Zeevou to Connect HeartsHere to Help Launched by Zeevou to Connect Hearts

Here to Help – how can we best help? In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that is rather rapidly engulfing the entire planet, our Team at Zeevou has been brainstorming. What are the best ways in which we can contribute to the common good in the industry at this time? We are glad to announce that we have, within 48 hours from the initial discussion, brought one of our ideas to fruition. We have managed to pull all our forces together and get https://heretohelp.direct/ up and running as a way of helping connect people Heart to Heart.

What is Here to Help?

Here to Help is a free listing site for all accommodation providers. Be they serviced apartments, vacation rentals, self-catering lodges, campsites, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, hostels or hotels, they’re on the site. However, they all offer special rates for units that can be used by key workers or others seeking to self-isolate. Notably, the site will feature properties that are taking special precautions to keep their guests safe. Examples include using ozone machines to sanitise the units between guests, or including fogging procedures in their cleans.

How can I help promote this initiative?

Help us spread the word about this new resource by:

  • telling your friends and family
  • letting any key workers or medical staff who may be in need of accommodation know about the site (including on LinkedIn)
  • sharing the news on your social media (including on Instagram & Facebook)
  • using the #heretohelp hashtag (including on Twitter)

We will soon be launching a blog for the new site. Hence, if you wish to contribute to the blog with a post related to it or to help inspire positivity, drop us a line. We’re Here to Help, Heart to Heart. To summarise, in these challenging times we need to stick together and help with whatever we can.

How can I list on the site?

Listing on the site is very easy. Firstly, what you need to do is visit the site, scroll to the bottom and click on Host Sign-up. Then, once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email with a link to Zeevou Know. Finally, this will include steps on how to build your property and ensure that it displays on the new site.

How else is Zeevou helping?

Over the weekend, Zeevou announced that it will be offering its product for free to any not-for-profit health organisations. Some may require software to manage beds and patients in make-shift hospitals. Others may not have ever had systems in place. Whatever the circumstances, Zeevou is offering a helping hand.

We know that it is an especially difficult time for our valued Partner Hosts, with bookings getting cancelled left, right, and centre. We are therefore allowing all hosts to sign up with the savings on the annual package but instead pay monthly. Moreover, they will not be locked in for the number of units in case they lose these due to market conditions that the coronavirus pandemic is causing.

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